Clara Schumann was a German musician and composer, considered one of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era.
Born: September 13, 1819, Leipzig
Died: May 20, 1896, Frankfurt
Spouse: Robert Alexander Schumann

There is nothing greater than the joy of composing something oneself and then listening to it.

Every man has his faults; I have and so have you – you will allow me to say so!

I cannot be so bad when everybody is so fond of me.

If I have known much trouble in my youth, I have also known much joy.

Why hurry over beautiful things? Why not linger and enjoy them?

Art is a fine gift! What, indeed, is finer than to clothe one’s feelings in music, what a comfort in timI have many sorrowful hours. No pleasure is complete to me when you are not there!

Heaven lend me the strength to fulfill my duties faithfully like a good wife.


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