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A long time ago there were two young men. One was the son of a king; the other was the son of a shepherd. The shepherd’s son, David, worked for the king as a musician, for he could play music to soothe the king’s headaches. The king’s son, Jonathan, and David became best friends. They promised to always take care of each other and their families.
Many years passed and many battles and wars were fought. The king and his son were killed and David became king. In fear, all the sons and daughters and grandsons and daughters of the old king fled, fearing that David would kill them so that no one would try to take his throne. Jonathan’s small son fell badly as he ran and hurt both of his feet. From that day on his feet were crippled and he could not walk.

keeping promises

After many years David remembered his promise to his friend Jonathan. He ordered one of the old servants to be brought before him.
“Tell me,” David said, “Is there anyone alive in the family of Jonathan that I could show love to?”
“Only one,” the servant replied, “His son. But he is a cripple and cannot even walk.”
“Where is he?” David asked.
“He lives in the wasteland,” the servant replied.
“Go and get him at once and bring him to me,” David commanded.
The servant went and found Jonathan’s son, telling him that King David wanted him to come.
The son, though afraid he was going to be killed, went to meet the King.
“Are you the son of Jonathan?” David asked.
“Yes, my King,” the man said.
“Then I will give to you all that was his. All of his land, all of his riches, and all of his servants shall be yours. And you shall dine at my table every night and want for nothing all of your days,” David decreed.
“Who am I, a cripple and useless, that you should be kind to me?” asked Jonathan’s son.
David did not answer, instead he called the servant once more saying:
“I have given the son of Jonathan, your master, everything that was his father’s. You and your sons shall work the land for him so that he will always be provided for. And he shall always eat at my table,” David said.
For the rest of his days the son of Jonathan ate at the king’s table, and wanted for nothing as did his son and all of his descendants because David kept his promise.

Author Bio:

Jack Meyers is a regular contributor for As a detective he wants to spread the knowledge of terrible things that can happen when people don’t fully verify the credentials of a caregiver or any employee. He also writes for various law enforcement blogs and sites.


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