We have heard about Subconscious mind, but still most of us are NOT realizing the true power of Subconscious mind.

Let me start with a small riddle which clearly shows the power of Subconscious mind.

A Son and his Father were traveling on a car. And, they met with an accident. The Father died on the spot. The Son was injured. He was taken into a famous hospital in the city. City’s Best surgeon arrived for treating the Boy. The surgeon looked at the boy and said, “I cannot operate on my son”.

Who was the surgeon?

Are you able to find the answer?

And, ask the same question to many of your friends after telling this riddle.

How many of them were able to tell the answer?

Before discussing further, let me tell the answer first.


The most famous surgeon of the town was the boy’s mother!

I am SURE that most of people didn’t find this answer, or they find difficulty in finding this answer.

Actually finding this answer is very simple. Everyone will know the simple fact “A Boy is ‘son’ for both Father and Mother“. And, once the Father was died, only Mother can call a boy as “Son”. So, any conscious mind can easily find the answer within few seconds.

But why we were not able to find the answer?

It is because of the pre-stored thoughts in our minds that the most successful surgeon can be only a man and not a woman. Our mind is conditioned in such a way that when we hear the word “surgeon”, we picture a male surgeon. In other words, our Subconsious mind is not allowing the conscious mind to find this simple answer.

Now, I hope everyone understands the power of subconsious mind. So, it is very important that we should always give positive thoughts to our mind.

I came up with this motivational website site TheQuotes.net to program the Subconscious mind of our web site visitors with positive thoughts so that they can succeed in their life.

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