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You can get lot of inspiring and motivational Quotes in the Quotes website.

Tweeting these inspiring Quotes to the Twitter Accounts at regular intervals will help to add more Twitter Followers.

You may refer our Twitter Account @world_quote which is getting tweets from the “Great Quotes Auto Tweet” feature.

Activating this “Auto Tweets” feature won’t do any harm.

  • It is Free.
  • Need not give your Twitter password.
  • You Can Activate it within a few minutes.
  • You can Disable it at any Time.
  • You will be able to revoke the access.

Follow below steps to activate “Quotes Auto Tweets” within a minute.

1. Register QualityPoint Account (Free)

2. Add your Twitter Accounts in QualityPoint Twitter Application. (Need not give your password)

3. Click Great Quotes in the left menu.

If you want you can change the time interval and deactivate this feature for any of your Twitter accounts.

That’s it. Now random Quotes will be tweeted to your Twitter accounts based on your time interval setting.

And, if you are interested to post Motivational Quotes Images to your Facebook Fan pages automatically at specified time interval, you can do it from here.


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